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It seemed so at first sight .. so Salman kissed ‘direction’ and became open! | Salman Khan Opens Up On Kissing Disha Patani

Lip lock for the first time

The trailer of the film, directed by director-turned-choreographer Prabhu Deva, has been released recently. This Radhe trailer has garnered tremendous response. Salman plays an encounter specialist in the film. However, in the movie trailer, Salman Khan kissed the heroine Disha Patani. The same thing became a sensation.

The reason for this is that Salman Khan, who excels with his dialogues, actions and romantic scenes, always stays away from on-screen romance. So far, there are no records of lip-locks with heroines in the film. Giving a lip lock to the direction in such a film has become a topic of discussion.

The real secret is the same

The real secret is the same

Recently, Salman made key comments about the lip lock scenes in the film. He said that there is a lip lock in this movie but there is a twist in it too. “I kissed Disha on the lips and not on the tape on her lips,” she said. He said that he had to do so when he was told that there should be a kissing scene. She also mentioned that she felt like she was her own age. She didn’t even look my age, I looked like she was her age too, “Salman said.

Ignore the world

Ignore the world

Earlier, Disha had also praised Salman. She responded curiously about dancing with Salman for the Citymar song in the film. Working with Salman Saro is always a lot of fun. She says that when he dances, he dances with the feeling that he has no work with the world and no one is watching. She told him that it was possible for him to do this and that no one else could do it.

We come to your house and show you our movie

We come to your house and show you our movie

The Radhe film, directed by Prabhu Deva, is also expected to do well. Radhe is bringing the film on May 13 on the occasion of Ramadan. However, the producers are going to release the film simultaneously in theaters as well as OTT. This is a new method at the moment. Salman Khan is promoting our movie as if he is coming to your house and showing our movie so that the audience cannot come to the theaters and watch the movie in the current situation.

Seeti Maar From Radhe Released – Allu Arjun Reacts | Filmibeat Telugu

What happens

What happens

The film is set to release on May 13 in theaters as well as on Zeeplex. But Radhe literally has to pay Rs 249 to watch the movie. This means that customers have to pay 249 each time they want to watch a movie. But those who used to watch it many times in the usual OTT now adore Radhe movie?


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