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Illegal affair: Wife Mast Maza with uncle, flirt finish seen in bedroom, Kiladi! | Illegal affair: Wife kills husband for lover, Murder Mystery solved in Karnataka.

Cable Operator Family

Cable operator Michael John (42) and Sugurnam (40) reside in PLC Colony, Tungabhadra Dam (TB Dam), Hosapeta District (Vijayanagaram District), Karnataka. Michael John and Sugurnam have two children. Cable operator Michael John earns money and drinks alcohol all day.

Illicit relationship with uncle

Illicit relationship with uncle

Michael John’s wife Sugurnam has an illicit affair with a man named Vinod in Tamil Nadu who is his uncle. Wife Sugurnam is enjoying calling her boyfriend Vinod, who lives in Tamil Nadu, home while her husband Michael John is away. The affair of wife Sugurnam and uncle Vinod has been going on for a long time without a hitch.

  Mogudi medicine .... get married

Mogudi medicine …. get married

Michael John is making money and drinking alcohol all day. Ignoring her husband who was swaying under the influence of alcohol, his wife Sugurnam enjoyed playing with her uncle Vinod. Once in the bedroom wife Sugurnam, husband Michael John made an entry while her uncle Vinod was stirring in a good mood. Michael, who saw his wife naked with another man, grabbed his wife and crushed her.

Let's kill my nose .... OK

Let’s kill my nose …. OK

Wife Sugurnam thought that she could not enjoy with Vinod if her husband was horizontal. Wife Sugurnam told her boyfriend Vinod that if he kills my niece we will be comfortable, I will come to Tamil Nadu and you should do as I said. Vinod and Sugurnam sketched and called a man named Ashok from Tamil Nadu.

Finish the blow blow

Finish the blow blow

On the night of the 20th of last month, Michael John was drinking alcohol while sitting next to the railway track near TB Dam. At the same time Vinod and Ashok went there and grabbed him and crushed him. Michael, who was intoxicated, could do nothing for them. Vinod, who had brutally killed Michael by throwing boulders on his fallen head, threw Ashok’s corpse and fled from there.

Pellam Bhale is trapped

Pellam Bhale is trapped

Locals who saw Michael’s body the next day informed the TB Dam police. The police who registered the case investigated from many angles. Police arrested her after learning that Sugurna was having fun with her uncle Vinod and talking on the phone for hours without any worries that her husband was dead.

Kiladi Pellam Andar

Kiladi Pellam Andar

Sugurnam admitted in the police investigation that she had killed her husband Michael along with her uncle Vinod and his friend Ashok. His wife Sugurnam, her boyfriend Vinod and Ashok from Tamil Nadu were arrested and sent to jail in the Michael murder case.


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