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If you look at the film industry, it will burn .. Caution: Pawan warning

Pawan was furious with the Andhra Pradesh government’s stance on the Tollywood industry issues. Speaking at a “Republic” pre-release event last night, he warned the AP government. “In the 18th century, businessmen in France sat together with a French trade minister to talk about business and their problems. Then the Minister of Trade tell me what I can do on behalf of the government? That being said. The businessmen who saw him speak so loudly did not want to do that. Sit closed. If the government does nothing we will do our job. The original government said not to make up.

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Today, especially if the Andhra Pradesh government makes films with private investment, what does it mean that the government is in control today? You think logic. There were a lot of YCP supporters then. For example Mohan Babu… Now the rule laid down for the film industry is that we have to go hard, will you sell tickets! Okay మోహన్ Tomorrow Mohan Babu Vidyaniketan The also collect online. The film industry is not what you think it is. The budget is small but the impact is huge. Especially if I tell the YCP leaders, if they look at the film industry, they will burn. Be careful, ”Pawan Kalyan warned.


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