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I remember and punished EVV!

Flour … super flour on flour .. then blockbuster flour … Anil Ravipudi is increasing his range of cinema like this. He is the Most Wanted Director in Tollywood. Anil Ravipudi, who is continuing his triumphant journey with Sari Leru Nikevvaru, is currently busy with ‘F3’. Tuesday is Anil Ravipudi’s birthday. Here are some of the things he said about ‘F3’ on this occasion!

What is so special about this birthday?

This is my sixth birthday as a director. This is the birthday of the ‘F3’ set itself. The same uniqueness. Although I have learned a lot in these six years. Have great experiences. However there is still a long way to go.

How is ‘F3’ going to be?

Tell the story between husband and wife in ‘F2’. Fun‌, Fటstration‌ is shown together. This time it added an element of money. The same characters appear. They have the same characterizations. Along with them enter new characters, new sufferings. Whatever the character, whatever he does, is to make the audience laugh. ‘F3’ is going to give entertainment beyond F2.

Did the lack of wallpapers in the race seem sad?

Looks good when it comes to wallpapers. The wallpapers fit me well. ‘F2’, ‘No match for you’ would be the next hat trick. But that chance was missed. However, a movie like ‘F3’ is always a festival. Thought it would be nice if there was a solo release. That’s why wallpapers are missed.

Did you have this idea during F2? Does the sequel mean that expectations are high and there seems to be extra pressure?

In fact at the time of taking F2 … we had no idea F3. We put the F3 logo at the end of the movie because it would be nice to continue this franchise. F3 i.e. Venkatesh and Varun Tej were also very enthusiastic. Seeing them gave me energy. Along with that came a good concept. Come to the movie with as many expectations as you can. We give more entertainment than that … my guarantee.

Your movie has a lot of actors. Didn’t it seem difficult to control so many comedians on set?

Um, of course, yes, I know this, why it’s something known in advance. Many more comedians appear in the movie. The more fun it is to work with them … the more confusing it is. Looking at all of them on set reminded me of these guys. ‘How did he manage all of them’ seemed … punished. Filming with two heroes also made me feel comfortable. Because .. I already did F2 with Venkatesh and Varun, so they quickly became mingled.

Has your appearance in your movies become sentimental? Have you seen it in F3?

Yes. I will also appear in it. But in a song. There is a song in the background of money. At the beginning of the song I look like that .. so. If not, do not take steps.

Meanwhile, all the directors are writing pan-India level stories. And when do you make a movie like that?

F3 is also a Pan India movie. Why are you saying this .. If you watch this movie, you will understand. If not … Pan‌India means the story should be written at that level. Will definitely do if such a story comes up. I was asked to remake F2 in Hindi. But .. I’m not happy here. A nice chair was laid out for me to sit on here. Leave it at that … if you run, someone will grab the chair here. Why me that pain .. (laughs)

As a producer he took on wind resources. Was the result of that movie disappointing?

It’s a movie made for a friend. Not my jonner‌ story. I have to make a movie in my genre and suffer if I stumble. ‘Gaali Sampath’ was made as an experimental film. Standing behind a movie … I understand how hard it can be. No longer .. I can not bear such heavy responsibilities. Do you want to support anyone as a friend? But .. can not stand behind in terms of creativity. Because on the one hand I have my movies. The rest of the weight responsibilities along with them are hard to bear.


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