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Huzurabad TRS focus .. Four social groups are the target ..!

TRS focuses on Huzurabad by-election. The party has already appointed zonal wise in-charges. Party leaders and ministers are also touring the constituency extensively to bring the government’s development and welfare schemes to the masses. TRS leaders are focused on strengthening the party in the constituency by the time the by-election schedules come. Leaders are working to prepare the party ranks for by-elections. The Rose Party has done an in-depth study on the social equations that exist mainly in the constituency. Pieces are moving fast to reach out to the respective social groups that are the main vote bank in the constituency. Additions to the party are also giving the green signal by taking into account social equations. The party is strategizing to win over the four major social groups in the Huzurabad constituency. The Rose Party is already preparing and implementing strategies for the respective factions to look at themselves.

During the Nagarjuna Sagar by-election, the Rose Party won by focusing on social equations to undermine the opposition parties. TRS is moving ahead with a similar formula for the latest Huzurabad by-election. Overall, the TRS is moving fast for victory in the Huzurabad by-election. On the other hand .. Huzurabad has now become a hot topic in Telangana politics. The war is raging here as if the by-elections here are being taken seriously by the major parties. The distribution of gifts to keep pace with these voters is also in full swing. .The parties are already enticing voters. The video of the watches being shared as part of the Itala Jamuna home campaign went viral on social media. There was also a commotion over this. On the other hand, there are allegations that the ruling party is also giving gifts to those who come to meetings. The BJP, along with the ruling party, is also said to be making village-wise lists and sending gifts. The talk is that the distribution of wall clocks, sewing machines and utensils will continue.


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