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Huge increase in soaps and detergent prices .. because .. | hul itc hike soap and detergent prices


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Published: Thursday, November 25, 2021, 23:55 [IST]

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The increase in the prices of the original vegetables .. The common man is fluctuating with the prices of goods. Moolige fell on the fox palm fruit .. Soaps, detergents prices have risen sharply. Hindustan Unilever Ltd and ITC Ltd said they had raised the prices of selected items, including soaps and detergents. Two leading fast moving consumer goods companies have explained that the significant increase in input costs has pushed up the prices of soaps and detergents.

HUL increased the price of its 1kg wheel detergent powder by 3.4%. The price of a 500 gram pack of wheel powder has been increased by Rs 2 and the final price has been increased from Rs 28 to Rs 30. Furthermore, Rinbar raised the price of a 250 gram pack by 5.8 per cent. FMCG giants have raised the price of 100g of Multipack Lux soap by 21.7 per cent, the report said.

hul itc hike soap and detergent prices

ITC is reported to have increased the price of 100 grams of Fiama soap by 10 per cent and Vivel by 9 per cent on their pack prices. The company has increased the price of a 150ml bottle of Engage deodorant by 7.6 per cent and the Engage perfume by 120.1m by 7.1%. An ITC spokesperson told the media that the increase in input costs had led to an increase in industry prices. With this in mind, the company has only increased the prices of selected items. A company spokesman said the decision was made without imposing an overall price increase on consumers.

English summary

hul itc hike soap and detergent prices. due to surge input costs.

Story first published: Thursday, November 25, 2021, 23:55 [IST]


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