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How far has vaccination come in Huzurabad?

Everywhere you look in Telangana now, there is a debate on the Huzurabad by-election. Political heat has been raging in Huzurabad for the past five months. The main parties TRS, BJP and Congress are campaigning on a large scale for the Huzurabad by-election. With the campaign coming to an end in another four days, all the key leaders of the respective parties are also trying to woo voters in Huzurabad.

Huzurabad by-election inevitable with the resignation of former minister Itala Rajender. He is going to test his luck from the BJP this time. Gellu Srinivas Yadav, a young leader from the TRS, and Balmuri Venkat from the Congress are in the ring. However, the main contest turned out to be BJP vs TRS. The competition here has become juicy as CM KCR hopes to regain the Huzurabad seat.

Meanwhile, the corona in Telangana has not completely declined. With this, the Election Commissioner is whipping those who do not follow the rules of Corona. Kovid is taking a tough stance on leaders who do not follow the electoral code. All leaders must abide by the rules of the corona for fear of lawsuits. At the same time, there was tension among the leaders as several leaders were affected by the corona. Recently, Minister Ganguly Kamalkar was diagnosed with corona and all his close associates had to move around hospitals.

Vaccination is in full swing in Huzurabad as polling time approaches. So far 97.6 per cent of the first dose has been completed in the constituency. 59.9 per cent of the second dose has been completed. It was clarified that one hundred percent vaccination has already been completed for the personnel participating in the election duties. It said it would deploy central forces of 20 companies to ensure the by-election goes smoothly. So far, 1.80 crore cash and 6.11 lakh worth of liquor have been seized, Easy said.

Vaccination is likely to pick up further by the time of polling. The Election Commission is making all arrangements to conduct the elections in accordance with the Kovid rules. This is likely to attract a large number of voters to the polling station. In addition, this time the number of new voters has increased significantly. It is learned that the polling percentage is likely to be higher than in the past. With this, it has become interesting to see how the Huzurabad voters are going to rewrite the last polling record.


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