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How does your temptation harass you? Even after having two children..netizen‌ naughty question..Star hero wife shocking answer! | Mira Rajput be fitting reply to Netizen over Shahid Kapoor attitude

If there is a clash with Shahid ..

A netizen asks about Shahid .. Who will win if you and your husband get into a fight? I mean someone else .. will I win myself? I will precede myself in any argument. Mira Rajput commented that Shahid did not have the stamina to win me over in that regard.

If Shahid makes mistakes

If Shahid makes mistakes

Now you are mostly bothered by Shahid .. Answering the question of what is the matter of harassment .. Shahid makes a lot of mistakes in our relationship. Correcting them is a big task for me. The harassment starts with me doing what he does. But now I understand Shahid more. That is why there are no such problems between us.

Beauty bhama Ritu Varma homely look .. Impressive beauty with fullness

Say love continues to grow

Say love continues to grow

Meera Rajput reveals her views about Shahid .. Shahid has achieved a lot of maturity. That is why love is growing day by day. Whatever he does will be like that. He himself said that love was still growing.

Even more beautiful with workouts

Even more beautiful with workouts

Another netizen is interacting with you .. How can you be so delicate even after having two children? To the question .. This is the question I am asked every time. I set aside time specifically for my health and body weight. I eat the right food. I do workouts regularly. So I said to lose weight properly and stay active.

Shahid about Meera on Neha Dhupia show

Shahid about Meera on Neha Dhupia show

Shahid recently participated in a show called No Filter Neha hosted by Neha Dhupia. Speaking on the occasion, Shahid said, “There are conflicts in our family as there are in everyone’s families. There will be minor conflicts in every case. Shahid explained that they had been there till then.


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