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HOUSE FULL: Superstar, Megastar is not a movie hall, people who know the subject run! | HOUSE FULL: Coronavirus deaths, Bengaluru TR Mill graveyard doors closed with house full board display.




Published: Monday, May 3, 2021, 21:19 [IST]

Bangalore: Corona virus (COVID-19) outbreak in India, people are fleeing to get on the roads. Many states and cities in the country have imposed lockdowns, public curfews and night curfews. Movie theaters are closing due to the corona virus. Ordinary people along with these relatives are worried as they do not understand who is dying and when. Putting a HOUSE FULL board somewhere at a time like this is exciting. Megastar Chiranjeevi’s movie, Superstar Rajinikanth’s cinema board, not just in front of the house full board, people who saw the house full board are rushing to go there in fear.

Girlfriend: There are more cabins in the computer center, don’t scratch your girlfriend, finish!

  Corona fluctuation in IT hub

Corona fluctuation in IT hub

The city of Bangalore is home to over a crore people. Officials have already said unofficially many times that the IT hub is home to over a crore people, regardless of official figures. The corona virus epidemic is raging in a similar IT hub.

  Lock down on one side .... Gangajatara on the other side

Lock down on one side …. Gangajatara on the other side

It is a well-known fact that there are a lot of unemployed people in Bangalore. The Karnataka government has directed people to come on the roads every day from 6 am to 10 am only for daily necessities and only in case of any emergency. But the situation is different in Bangalore. Ordinary people are lamenting that idle retailers like Polo are riding bikes and cars on the roads and making meaningless locks down when Roy Mantu arrives.

  Not the cinema hall ... run to the beat

Not the cinema hall … run to the beat

TR in Chamarajapet, Bangalore. There is a cemetery. TR every day. Only 20 people are allowed to be cremated and cremated at the cemetery. TR in Chamarajapet. The sticking of the house full board in front of the Mill Cemetery gate caused a stir. Is this a movie theater or a cemetery that we see every day? Suspicion grew among the locals that.

  What happened ?, What is happening

What happened ?, what is happening

Many lives were lost in the air in the city of Bangalore on Sunday. The bodies of 40 people who died in Chamarajapeta as well as the surrounding areas were found at once in TR in Chamarajapeta. The staff there did not understand what to do with being taken to the cemetery. As soon as the cemetery staff knew, they took the Xerox Center and printed out ‘HOUSE FULL’ and immediately put it on the gate.

  Megastars and superstars are not movie theaters

Megastars and superstars are not movie theaters

People say that a house full board has never been affixed to a cemetery in the city of Bangalore. The people of Bangalore are lamenting that in the past we used to see house full boards in front of megastar and superstar movie theaters and now we have to see house full boards for cemeteries. People say that seeing the house full board affixed to the largest cemetery shows the corona deaths in Bangalore, the number of people who are dying in general. People on the other side of the TR Mill cemetery are running away.


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