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HIT movie collections: The same noise on the second day .. How much was looted in any area ..? | Vishwak Sen’s HIT movie Day 2 box office report

What is the first day ..?

The super hit movie directed by Shailesh Kolanu is going to be a super hit. It is learned that the film grossed Rs 1.32 crore on the first day from two Telugu states. If you look at the same world .. 1.67 crore looted.

And on the second day, the same intensity ..

And on the second day, the same intensity ..

The graph in the collections continued to grow as the first game came out and all the theaters became crowded with talk. That difference is evident in the collections. The film grossed Rs 1.09 crore on the second day and Rs 2.41 crore in the second two days.

How much in which area ..?

How much in which area ..?

Let’s take a look at how much of the second day hit movie was looted in any area. 67 lakhs in Nizam, 9 lakhs in Seeded, 5 lakhs in Uttaranchal, 5 lakhs in East, 5 lakhs in West, 4 lakhs in Guntur, 5 lakhs in Nellore and 3 lakhs in Nellore, a total of 1.09 crores in two Telugu states. 2.41 crore in two days. It seems that if another 1.19 crore is collected, break even will be achieved. Which means it’s about to be the most delusional time of the year, as well.

HIT Pre-Release Business

HIT Pre-Release Business

Let’s take a look at the hit movie pre-release business specials. The Nizam theatrical rights were sold for Rs 1.4 crore, Seeded for Rs 40 lakh and Andhra for Rs 1.80 crore. With this, the pre-release business in AP and Telangana raised a total of Rs 3.60 crore. The rights in Karnataka and other states were valued at Rs 20 lakh and overseas at Rs 60 lakh, with a worldwide business of Rs 4.40 crore.


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