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Goodbye to Priyanka Chopra’s husband? Three years of married life in trouble .. Like Samantha ..! | Is Priyanka Chopra’s marriage life leading to divorce with Nick Jonas?

Say love marriage in 2018

Priyanka Chopra fell in love with singer Nick Jonas when she went to America to act in Hollywood movies. She fell in love with Nick, who was younger than him. Priyanka later married Nick Jonas in a Hindu traditional manner in Rajasthan. The wedding took place on December 1, 2018 in a lavish ceremony. The event was attended by Bollywood celebrities and industrialists.

Diwali is in full swing in New York recently

Diwali is in full swing in New York recently

He recently celebrated Diwali at his residence in New York. She first celebrated with her friends and later with Jonas at home. After that I posted on social media .. I celebrated Diwali for the first time with Jonas. This Diwali is very special to me. Posted my thanks to everyone who made this festival special.

With a romantic life with a husband

With a romantic life with a husband

Three years of married life with singer Nick Jonas has gone awry. Their excursions on the beaches, in the restaurants, on the islands, the romantic life went crazy. Their intimate photos went viral on social media like Instagram. Rumors are now circulating in the media that there have been conflicts in the lives of those who seemed so close.

With Priyanka removing Jonas from her name

With Priyanka removing Jonas from her name

However, after Priyanka Chopra’s marriage, Priyanka Chopra changed her name to Jonas on her social media accounts. Since then she has become popular in the media as Priyanka Chopra Jonas. However, rumors have been circulating in the media like a tsunami recently that Jonas has been removed from his name on his Instagram.

Priyanka Chopra is like Samantha

Priyanka Chopra is like Samantha

The recent divorce of Tollywood couple Nagachaitanya and Samantha has also come out in a similar vein. It has come out on social media that Samantha is getting a divorce after removing Akkineni from her name. Now it is being debated whether such an incident could take place as Priyanka is also removing Jonas from her name.

Priyanka Chopra's movie career is like this ..

Priyanka Chopra’s movie career is like this ..

When it comes to Priyanka Chopra’s film career .. Joe, who created Avenger, is starring in Anthony Ruspo’s Citadel. Richard Madden plays the hero in this movie. Coming soon to the front of the audience via OTT. He also starred in Text for You, The Matrix Resurrections, and Zee Le Zara.


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