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For oxygen … fall on your knees and join hands and beg … meanwhile the mother is dead phone .. | woman who stands in queue for oxygen broke down after hears mothers death


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Published: Friday, April 30, 2021, 1:40 [IST]

Corona patients are running out of oxygen in Delhi. Despite the Delhi High Court repeatedly warning the Center about the supply of oxygen, the situation has not changed much. Last week, 25 patients at Sir Gangaram Hospital and 20 at Jaipur Golden Hospital died of corona. Another incident that mirrored the oxygen shortage in Delhi took place on Thursday (April 29).

A young woman named Shruti Saha stood in a queue at an oxygen center in Delhi on Thursday (April 29). Shruti’s mother, who was diagnosed with corona a few days ago, is being treated with oxygen support. With enough oxygen for a few more hours, she searched several places in Delhi for oxygen cylinders on Thursday. Eventually Shabi reached the industrial estate and stood in the queue line there. However, after waiting for hours, the doors of the oxygen plant did not open.

  woman who stands in queue for oxygen broke down after hears mothers death

On the other hand, the mother is running out of oxygen … On the other hand, it is being delayed at the oxygen plant … With this, Shruti Saha collapsed on her knees and joined both hands and killed the staff there. Please give her oxygen quickly. Security personnel told her not to wait any longer. Shortly afterwards, Shruti received a phone call from home. She was shocked to hear that her mother was no more. She collapsed there and cried tears. The rest of the queue tried to comfort her.

‘I’ve been wandering around since 2pm. Oxygen is nowhere to be found in Delhi. Although it finally came to this industry it was too late to find oxygen. Still, I keep telling the oxygen plant staff that our mom is very serious. ‘ Expressed awareness.

On the other hand, there is a severe shortage of oxygen in Delhi. However, the central government has allocated enough oxygen to the state, the Delhi High Court said during the hearing. The High Court, however, disagreed. The Center has sought to respond to allegations by the Delhi government that other states are receiving more oxygen than Delhi.

The High Court revealed that they are getting a lot of phones for beds and oxygen in hospitals. ‘We accept that there is no shortage of oxygen. Even our closest ones could not find beds and oxygen in hospitals. You know all this. You know that people are dying in Haryana. You know that people are dying in Meerut and Delhi. ‘ The High Court on Thursday (April 29) commented.

On the other hand, Solicitor General Tushar Mehta blamed the Delhi government for the allegations and criticisms. The existing oxygen is said to be adequate for the present needs. The Delhi government has been criticized for unnecessarily politicizing the matter.


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