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Flood in Kadapa-Chittoor: 30 drowned – 12 dead: Trains to Tirupati canceled .. !! | At least 12 people were killed and 30 others feared washed away in a flash flood in Kadapa and Chittor

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Published: Saturday, November 20, 2021, 7:18 [IST]

Heavy rains caused floods in two districts. Kadapa and Chittoor districts are inundated. Tirupati was completely surrounded by flood waters. Tirumalalonu potettindi. Heavy rains have caused havoc in the Rayalaseema. A large number of villages were trapped in the waterlogged area. Rivers, streams and meanders overflow in Anantapur and Nellore districts. In Kadapa district, the earthworks of Pincha and Annamayya projects have been cut. The floodwaters engulfed the area.

12 bodies of 30 missing persons were found
Four buses were stranded in the water. A conductor and two passengers on a bus were killed. A large number of dumb creatures were washed away in the flood. According to official figures, 540 villages have been cut off from the outside world. Thirty people were abducted and 12 bodies were recovered. Five lakh cusecs of water fell into the Annamayya project at once due to the flooding of the Pincha project ring band and heavy inflow of water from the upper reaches.

Washed Annamayya project
With this, the Annamayya project mound started to be washed away from 4 am on Friday. Since then the floodwaters have been pounding the villages. The houses were flooded as people were recovering in those villages. The Shiva temple is located on a high place in the village of Mandapalle. Many villagers rushed to the Shiva temple in tractors to save their lives after learning of the impending floods in Ullal. The flood inundated the Shiva temple. Nine of the priestly reunion families were lost.

At least 12 people were killed and 30 others feared washed away in a flash flood in Kadapa and Chittor

Buses trapped in a stream of water
On the Rajampeta-Nandalur route, four buses were stranded near the Ramapuram check post. These include two RTC buses, a rental bus and a private bus. The rental bus washed into the culvert to calm the water and killed conductor Ahobilam, Srinivas of Chitveli and Venkataramana of Lakkireddypalle. The drivers and passengers of the remaining 3 buses boarded 27 buses. They were rescued by a rescue team. Water from the Tirumala hills flooded the city of Tirupati.

70 colonies in Tirupati under waterlogging
The Gogarbham Dam in Thirumala and the Papanasan Dam are full. This raised the dam gates and released the water downstream. Floodwaters from the hills inundated the Tirupati Kapilatirtha. Kapi Leshwaraswamy Temple was flooded. The floodwaters inundated the city of Tirupati. The Malwadigundam canal overflowed. As a result, about 70 colonies in the city of Tirupati are trapped in the floodwaters. Several vehicles were washed away. The Swarnamukhi river is overflowing as the Kalyani dam gates are raised. The Kanipakam temple was inundated with floodwaters.

540 villages submerged
540 villages in the district were cut off from other areas. Traffic from Chittoor district to Tamil Nadu and Karnataka was disrupted on some routes. Four were abducted at Bangarupalem. The body of one of them was found. TTD announced that the Thirumala Ghat roads will be closed from 6 pm on Friday due to landslides and fog. NDRF teams rescued 17 fishermen stranded in the Pennanadi near Sangam Mandal in Nellore district on Friday midnight.

Prime Minister Aura..CM Jagan Aerial Survey
Thirty people were also rescued trapped inside a building in the flood-ravaged village of Kolagatla. On the Mumbai-Chennai route, a double line railway track was washed away for a kilometer near the Hastavaram Distance signal on the Nandalur railway section of the YSSAR district. Railway power poles collapsed. As a result, train services on this route were halted. Meanwhile, trains passing through Tirupati have been canceled due to flooding of railway tracks in several places. Chief Minister Jagan will today conduct an aerial survey of the flood-affected areas. Heavy rains in Seema districts .. Prime Minister Modi phoned CM Jagan to inquire about the impact of the floods. Promised to stand firm.

English summary

Heavy rains and floods inundate Kadapa and Chittoor districts. While 30 people were lost, 12 people died. A large number of villages were in the waterlogging.

Story first published: Saturday, November 20, 2021, 7:18 [IST]


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