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Fake khakis confusing the police!

Fake police are emerging daily in Telangana. Two more fake cops were found before the next fake desperate story was forgotten. The victims complained of being charged with extortion and extortion. This exposed the original color of the fake khakis. It has come to light recently that a total of three fake policemen were making threats within the KPHB police station in Hyderabad. SOT seems to have been threatening and extorting money from locals for the past while in the name of the police.

Recently, a beauty parlor staff was threatened by a mob. On the 11th of this month, three persons entered the Bodha Beauty Parlor in Phase 6 of KPHB under the name of SOT Police. Gampa Saiharsha, Kavela Abhilash Gowda and Rangabhanu Prasad Gowda have called themselves SOT police. Demanded for money. However, Abhilash Gowda and Bhanuprasad Gowda were arrested after the beauty parlor manager KPHB lodged a complaint with the police. Another fake policeman is swarming for Saiharsha.

Police have remanded Nellore Swamy, a fake police officer who has already incarnated as a DSP. Nellore Swamy, who is obsessed with khaki dress, dreamed of staying in the dress anyway, but no matter how many attempts he made, when it was not an essay, he incarnated as a fake cop. That’s why Achcham sewed a khaki uniform just like the police. He then stormed the road with the police patrolling, giving him a buildup as if he were a policeman. Moreover, Nellore Swamy has collected up to crores of rupees from some innocent people to give him a job. It seems that he was also guilty of settlements. Now that three more fake cops have been caught, police are investigating how many more fake khakis there are. Those caught are mourning.


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