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Don’t blame me on the pitch ..!

Disagreements over Motera

Ahmedabad: There was more talk about the ‘pitch’ than the first Test match at the world’s largest cricket stadium, Motera. With the five-day match coming to an end in a matter of days, there are differences over the wicket. In fact, it has been criticized for not working for a Test match. England fans, some former cricketers dirty the pitch. Team India veteran Harbhajan Singh and former batsman VVS Laxman also criticized the pitch. Is there a defect in some other wickets? Or the failure of the batsmen? Heads held incomprehensibly. Legendary Sunil Gavaskar, however, said that there was nothing on the pitch. But, more than those who criticize the pitch when another day passes .. The comments that the performance of the players is poor are heard more. Former England spinner and commentator Graeme Swann said that the failure of the English batsmen was the most common cause of wicket-throwing. Michael Vaughan, however, tweeted that the wicket was useless for Tests.

However, the British media was divided. Criticizing the pitch as being “bad”, The Guardian blamed England’s game. Wrote that key players had been severely humiliated due to the rotation‌ policy. Wisden said he had not seen such a bad performance from England. However, The Mirror magazine .. Teamindia is going to cross the border for its own purposes. Another former player has demanded that the ICC ban him from playing international matches in Motera. However, in the second innings, former captain Nasir Hussain Eddewa said that the Root army looked like a threatening rabbit.

If rubber sole shoe is used ..

The former captain of Team India, Hyderabadi Azharuddin, advised that one can excel on such wickets by batting in a shoe with a rubber sole. Many batsmen have excelled with this technique on very difficult pitches. He said that the movement of the feet is not so fast when wearing spikes. Former Team India spinner Pragyan Ojha, meanwhile, said he did not understand why spinners were struggling when more wickets were falling. ‘If the batsmen hit 400 in an innings, there is no mention of the pitch. No one will speak even if the pacers excel, ‘said Ojha. However, the captains of both the teams, Kohli and Root, did not make any allegations on the pitch. But, Virat said that the failure of the batsmen was the most visible. Former England captain Kevin Pietersen has expressed a similar view.

The mindset must change– Rohit Sharma

There are no ghosts on the pitch. More important than the idea of ​​defending the wicket, the attitude of scoring runs is crucial on the Motera pitch. Not only England players .. Indian batsmen also made mistakes. Most of the balls are bowled straight to the wickets. Easy to score if standing.


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