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Do not come to vote .. Do not end with Corona, Warangal doctor who will not participate in the municipal polling tomorrow !! | doctor protest for not to vote in municipal elections polling due to corona


oi-Dr Veena Srinivas


Published: Thursday, April 29, 2021, 16:52 [IST]

Polling will be held tomorrow in two corporations and five municipalities in Telangana state. The authority is making all arrangements during the polling of the municipal elections. Meanwhile, in the wake of the booming corona epidemic in the state of Telangana, people are afraid to vote in the municipal elections. At the same time, a doctor at the MGM Hospital protested in front of the statue of Mahatma Gandhi not to come out for voting.

Are people’s lives worth living? Election? High court angry over SEC, fire on Telangana government

  Corona vilayam ..Dr. Appeals not to participate in municipal elections

Corona vilayam ..Dr. Appeals not to participate in municipal elections

The doctor is appealing to those who do not come out that the conditions are not good and not to participate in the voting. There is an innovative protest saying that the vote will not end with Corona. The doctor is questioning how many people will be sacrificed to Corona by holding elections for your selfishness if we are fighting with Corona without even counting the survivors. The doctor at the MGM hospital is innovatively protesting that no one should take part in the voting, save your life, and that no one who came to the polls will treat you.

Is an election necessary at this time?

Is an election necessary at this time?

Are elections necessary in these circumstances where the corona is being dismantled at the Gandhi statue at the MGM Hospital? That is strongly questioned. Meanwhile, polling will continue in the Greater Warangal Municipal Corporation tomorrow. Hundreds of cases are being reported daily due to the corona epidemic. Dozens of people are dying. People are afraid to come out. At a time like this they are at a loss as to how to go to the polling stations and vote.

Corona fear among voters..uncounted interest in voting

Corona fear among voters too .. unspoken interest in voting

The turnout was never as high as officials expected in the original Greater election. At such a time there seems to be no interest in the actual elections among the people in the light of the latest corona conditions. Under these circumstances they do not even show interest in voting. At a time like this, a doctor in the medical profession who saves the lives of the people is appealing to the people not to vote in the elections and not to come out, which will lead to an interesting debate in the state of Telangana.

  Electoral duties of officers with fear of corona not being able to bite or swallow

Electoral duties of officers with fear of corona not being able to bite or swallow

At the same time, is it necessary for the Telangana High Court to hold elections at a time when the corona epidemic is booming? Expressed outrage at the state election commission. Do people’s lives matter? Election? She asked. It has issued a hook to the state election commission to respond to this, and the authorities are also gearing up for the polls amid fears of corona not being able to bite or swallow.


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