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Direction Case: A rain of questions on Sajjanar .. Are you an Encounter Specialist ..?

The incident in the suburbs of Hyderabad created a sensation. However, there was a shower of praise on the police over the encounter of the accused. Especially on social media, Sajjanar, who was the then Cyberabad Police Commissioner, was hailed as a hero. Commission .. Sajjanar was showered with questions .. When was the direction incident known ..? When was the case registered? How was the trial conducted ..? Encountered ..? Are you an Encounter Specialist? That raises a variety of questions. Commission‌ .. If Osari examines the conversation between Sajjanar ..

Commission: You have been described by the media as an Encounter Specialist. Do you agree that you are an Encounter Specialist?
Gentleman: I do not agree
Commission: What is an Encounter Specialist?
Sajjanar: I do not know
Commission: You say you know everything the DCP says .. Do you rely on the DCP?
Sajjanar: Officers will have complete information at ground level. I will give them a free hand.
Commission‌: Why was the direction negligent in registering the FIR on the day of the rape?
Sajjanar: The search for the missing victim was delayed for some time.
Commission‌: What action was taken against the police for negligence in registering the FIR?
Sajjanar: Four police personnel suspended for negligence in registering FIR
Commission: How was the press conference held before the end of the trial in the area where the encounter took place?
Commission‌: Witnesses say the trial could not be conducted properly due to the convening of a media conference?
Sajjanar: A media conference was held at a distance of 300 meters from the encounter spot without any hindrance to the trial.
Commission‌: Chairs, tables, etc. for the video conference were brought from nowhere in such a short time
Sajjanar: The Shadnagar police brought the materials. I do not know where the supplies were brought from. I do not remember two years after the incident. It seems that there was a conversation between the commission and Sajjanar with such questions.


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