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Do you remember the dialogue of Ramyakrishna, the character of Sivagami in the movie ‘Bahubali’ directed by Dheeru Rajamouli? It’s my mate’s edict. Now Bigg Boss has changed the word a bit and says ‘dictatorial decree’. With only three weeks left until the end of Season 5, the final captaincy task has begun. Its name is ‘Dictator Mate Legislation’. For this, a huge throne was placed in the garden area. When the buzzer rang, whoever sat in front of the house was the dictator. After that Big Boss gives a task. The dictator has a chance to eliminate one of the last two. Big Boss gives them a chance to say why they should not be eliminated.

Manas is the moderator for this game. In this task Siri first earned a place on the dictatorial throne. In the task that took place at that time, Sunny and Ravi got Sunny out of the vertical in the last position. Ravi then dismissed Kajal while Kajal was at Lost Place when Shriram secured the dictatorial place. On top of that Ravi secured a place on the dictatorial throne. In the ensuing task, Shanmukh knocked Manas out while Manas was at the end. In the episode that aired on Tuesday, Priyanka finally won the dictatorial throne. She saved Shriram in Shanmukh, Shriram. With that, it seems that Sunny, Kajal, Manas and Shriram have withdrawn from the final captaincy task competition so far. However the same does not sound like the final. Miranda is also going to continue the game related to the captaincy task. At the same time Bigg Boss may change his mind and give one of them a chance to compete in the captaincy task.

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Meanwhile, at the start of the episode on Tuesday, Captain Manas presented the Kitchen Champion of the Week award to Shriram. He received a gift hamper of Rs 25,000. Those who were mentally close at Nagarjuna House on Saturdays and Sundays took classes privately and on Mondays and Tuesdays they started playing the game on their own. However, Priyanka wants to become a dictator and protect her team. Siri was hurt when Manas leaned towards Priyanka, trying to sit Siri in that position once in a while.

Manas started crying as if he had decided in favor of Pinky and was sitting in front of himself. This was vehemently denied by Shannu. He said that it is better to excel in the game than to cry over such small things. And on Wednesday we have to take those words positively and see if Siri gets excited again.


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