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Current hardships to the world .. How to be scared ..? | The energy crisis could very soon hit global markets


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Published: Wednesday, October 13, 2021, 0:14 [IST]

The power crisis is already continuing in countries around the world, including European countries. As a result, will it be difficult to breastfeed in the future? Doubts are rising .. cows .. buffaloes milking machines .. China hopes that the toy manufacturing chain will have a huge impact on the global supply chain. Due to shortage of coal and electricity, some states in China have closed their factories to reduce electricity consumption. It is reported that Dragon is worried that the harvesting of crops will be challenged due to power shortage.

China is the product base for home appliances, automobiles, packaging, semiconductors and gadgets. Already the automobile sector is being hit by a shortage of semiconductors. Toyota’s carmaker has recently seen a decline in car production due to a recent power shortage in China. On the other hand, in Europe, natural gas prices are skyrocketing. Production of chemical fertilizer companies in European countries is declining due to the increase in natural gas prices. This development is showing signs of rising food inflation internationally.

  The energy crisis could very soon hit global markets

Asian countries are paying a record amount of money to import liquefied natural gas. This has led to political tensions in Pakistan. Pakistani opposition leaders have demanded an inquiry into government-owned liquefied gas purchases. While natural gas shortages are looming in Europe, coal supplies from Asian countries are growing exponentially. Compared to last year, the price of natural gas in European countries has increased more than 500 times. The situation has worsened since September with the purchase of natural gas at 130 per cent higher prices. In the United States, too, natural gas prices have risen for the first time in 13 years.

Unconventional energy production has slowed. European countries are eagerly awaiting the supply of coal. China and Indonesia are struggling to meet their demand for coal. Australia Newcastle Thermal Coal Metric Tone Price $ 202. This is three times higher than the price at the end of 2019. In Lebanon, two of the country’s largest power stations were closed due to a shortage of coal. The Lebanese power network was completely shut down on Saturday. Chances are high that they will be closed for the next few days.

English summary

The energy crisis could very soon hit global markets. experts say to us.

Story first published: Wednesday, October 13, 2021, 0:14 [IST]


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