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cricket Secrets: Never crossed the line ..

Cricket is said to be a gentleman’s game. But even in that cricket, mistakes continue to be made. Sometimes the batsman makes a mistake, other times the bowlers and fielders also make mistakes. But the main mistake bowlers make is bowling. Noble has changed the course of the game many times in cricket. Many bowlers have had disaster performances in their careers with a single ball. This marked the end of their careers. But did you know that there are bowlers who have not scored a single Nobel in their career? It’s also something, not two matches. Let us now learn about the great cricketers who played cricket in their long career and also won the Nobel Peace Prize.

Lance Gibbs:

West Indies legend Lance Gibbs has not won a single Nobel in his career. Entering the ring as a spin bowler, Gibbs played 79 Tests and 3 ODIs. He is the first spinner in Test cricket history to reach the 300 wicket mark. Even if all the wickets are taken .. even if all the balls are thrown, this time too Gibbs did not cross the line.

Dennis Lily:

Dennis Lilly .. This name does not need to be newly introduced to cricket lovers. Lily is the most disciplined fast bowler in cricket. Not even the legendary Australian fast bowler has bowled a single Noble. In her international career, Lilly played 70 Tests and 63 ODIs. She took 355 wickets in Tests and 103 wickets in ODIs. Yet not once did Nobel fall.

Kapil Dev:

Former all-rounder Kapil Dev is the captain who made Indian cricket shine on the world stage. He presented the country with the first ODI World Cup and made his name in Indian cricket with gold letters. Kapil has not won a single Nobel in his entire career. Kapil, who has played a total of 131 Tests and 225 ODIs, has never crossed the line. That means he has never played a no-ball in his career. And the captain who has kept the Indian team, which the world has not cared about till then, as a juggler, means that discipline must be there.

Ian Botham:

Ian Botham is one of the greatest all-rounders in England. Botham has not bowled a single no ball in his 16-year cricket career. Ian played 102 Tests and 116 ODIs for England. He took 383 wickets in Tests and 145 wickets in ODIs. However, not a single line was crossed.

Imran Khan:

It is no exaggeration to say that Pakistan Legend, currently Prime Minister Imran Khan is also one of the best bowlers in the world. Imran has played 88 Tests and 175 ODIs in his career. He has taken 362 wickets in Tests and 182 wickets in ODIs. However, he did not win a single Nobel in his career.


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