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Corona Crisis: Mental strength

Mental health experts say that mental strength is the most important thing people need when it comes to coronary heart disease. The threat of mental distress is much greater than the threat of physical distress with the corona

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Corona Crisis: Mental health experts say that mental strength is the most important thing people need when it comes to corona. They say that the threat of mental distress is far greater than the threat of physical suffering with corona. Four mental health professionals in the country wrote a letter to the media incorporating these details. They were of the opinion that positive reporting with media responsibility was needed at this time. Dr. BN Gangadhar, Dr. Pratima Murthy, Dr. Gautam Saha as well as Dr. Rajesh Sagar were asked to ensure that hysteria does not spread while reporting. The patient suffering with the corona said it was very important when he was alone. Those who have trouble with the corona need to motivate them positively. “People are suffering from corona. News like deaths due to it can make corona patients suffocate,” he said.

They praised the media for dealing well with the lack of oxygen, oxygen abuse, questioning the availability of vaccines as well as positive news about the vaccine.

Doctors want the media to help people stay positive. ”Everyone knows about the power of the media and especially the mass media. It is working with full force and passion at the time of the pandemic. But there are some things we want to share with our media friends. ” Stated that. The group said some photos or clips of pyre burning, patients crying and the like could damage the self-esteem of those in home isolation. “In this difficult time, people are at home. At that point one will be able to know the outside situation through TV or social media. You can help them stay positive at this stage. Do not show disrespect and carelessness and damage their morale. ” Asked.

In a three-page letter these psychiatrists said a very important thing. He said it was the responsibility of the media to point out abuse and negligence. This should also be done, but it is advisable to keep a few things in mind during reporting or coverage. Some photos and clips bother the minds of those who are infected and living alone at home. It is difficult to be healthy anymore .. They may feel that going out is still difficult to treat. It is very important for an ordinary man to be mentally healthy in such situations. The experts said that the media needs to cooperate.

Experts say that in the current situation, the media has the potential to keep people emotionally motivated. There are many articles in that direction. Positive news can have a positive effect on people. In their letter, mental health professionals urged the media to help people cope with these dire situations.

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