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CM KCR behind Delhi tour- Forward with Didi: Will Jagan meet – The real goal is the same .. !! | Telangana: CM KCR to meet his Bengal Counterpart Mamata Banerjee in Delhi, Know the complete agenda

Delhi Center KCR new steps

At the same time, key steps are being taken politically. He said that he would play a key role in national politics in 2018. He made efforts to unite the parties. But, at that time it was not possible. However, after KCR came back to power for the second time, the political situation has changed for a few days. The BJP is being targeted directly after the Hazurabad result. The central government has been sharply criticized. Now, there are rumors that KCR is making inroads in national politics with a visit to Delhi.

KCR will meet Mamata

KCR will meet Mamata

As part of that, KCR is expected to meet Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, who is coming to Delhi for a three-day visit at the same time. In the past, KCR himself went to Kolkata and held talks with Mamata. KCR has announced Rs 3 lakh compensation on behalf of the Telangana government to the families of the deceased farmers who were exceptionally Delhi-based agitating against the farmer laws. The leaders of the peasant unions were thus asked for a list of those who had died. Farmers’ union leaders also hailed the KCR decision.

In support of concerned farmers

In support of concerned farmers

During this trip, KCR will have the opportunity to present checks to them together. Again, there is a chance to discuss national politics with Mamata Banerjee. It seems that Mamata is also coming to Delhi for talks with the BJP opposition parties before the start of the parliamentary sessions. Mamata also sought the appointment of a Prime Minister. Mamata Banerjee, who used to be allied with the Congress, now seems to have lost faith in the Congress leadership. With this, efforts are being made to move forward with the parties that are coming together. A campaign is going on in Delhi political circles that a meeting with KCR will be held as part of it.

A visit to Delhi is like a war with the Center

A visit to Delhi is like a war with the Center

Similarly, as part of the demands of the agitating farmers in Delhi, KCR is demanding legalization of the minimum support price. KCR is reluctant to work with Congress. With this, it seems that the leaders of the regional parties are thinking of moving forward. As part of that, Odisha CM Naveen Patnaik .. AP CM Jagan .. says that meetings with parties like RJD .. AAP in Bihar will be held in the coming days. Parties like Shiv Sena, DMK, NCP are allied with the Congress. However, after taking over as CEO of AP, the good relations between Jagan and KCR continued. There was a gap between the two with Water War.

Negotiations with Jagan .. Will the AP CM get together

Negotiations with Jagan .. Will the AP CM get together

But, recently at a wedding ceremony on Sunday the two appeared to be spiritual again. Jagan also seems to be impatient with the Centre’s inability to stand up for itself. But, now the chances of Jagan disagreeing with the Center seem slim. It is becoming interesting how KCR will deal with Jagan in order to garner support. Meanwhile, it seems that KCR is planning to send his daughter Kavitha to the Rajya Sabha. All in all, Chief Minister KCR’s visit to Delhi this time is becoming interesting. New equations are likely to emerge in Telangana politics based on the developments taking place during this visit.


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