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Chiranjeevi’s efficiency test-CM Jagan’s invitation: Can you convince me on online tickets .. !! | CM JAgan inited Chiranjeevi headed tollywood team for discussions on cine industry problems

Chiranjeevi is interested in team discussions with the CM

24 frames on many topics took advice from adults. As part of that, at the last meeting, the Chiranjeevi team asked the CM to give exemptions in the case of theatrical problems during the corona, along with the wages of the workers, electricity charges and taxes. The Chief Minister responded positively and directed for their solution. Now, once again, the team led by Chiranjeevi is ready to address any issues related to the film industry.

Prepare megastar with cine adults

Prepare megastar with cine adults

Theaters in A, B and C centers have decided to seek exemption from the government for things like what the industry wants when releasing movies and subsidies on electricity charges. Similarly, there is a possibility of a discussion on the film industry in Visakhapatnam. Chiranjeevi has met AP CM Jagan twice in the past. Nagarjuna, Rajamouli, Dil Raju, C Kalyan and Daggubati Suresh were present during the second meeting. With this, there was a discussion in Tollywood about not inviting Mohan Babu and Balakrishna.

Will Balayya-Mohan Babu meet

Will Balayya-Mohan Babu meet

It remains to be seen whether they will attend the meeting this time. The meeting will mainly discuss the issue of online movie tickets recently taken up by the AP government. Despite the government’s decision, no one from Tollywood has responded to the decision so far. He was of the view that this should be discussed during the talks with the Chief Minister. The AP government has decided to sell tickets online to enforce a single rate on movie ticket prices across the state.

Think pics on online tickets

Think pics on online tickets

The committee was set up for this. No one from the film industry was given a chance on this committee. The film industry is of the opinion that if the government sells all the tickets from the single theater to the multiplex, they will lose out. After the government sells the tickets, except for the management charges, the rest will be given to whom and to what extent. However, the AP market along with Hyderabad is crucial for Tollywood. There are many theaters here … multiplexes in the hands of some adults.

The onus is on the megastar to convince the CM ...

The onus is on the megastar to convince the CM …

Their idea seems to be to make this decision in a way that the government can draw with anyway. Similarly, special shows during the release of popular hero movies … The AP government is strict on things like selling tickets at extra cost. With all this, it seems that the plan of the cine elders is to persuade the Chief Minister in this meeting to try to continue the old policy. But it is doubtful whether Chief Minister Jagan, who has already made the decision, will reconsider the decision.

As a test of Chiranjeevi's efficiency ...

As a test of Chiranjeevi’s efficiency …

However, the onus is on Chiranjeevi to persuade the CM. With this, the AP government has officially sent an invitation to the Chiranjeevi team to come to a meeting in Amravati on the 20th of this month. What kind of decision will be taken by CM Jagan on the proposals made by the Chiranjeevi team in this meeting is becoming a matter of interest in these political circles.


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