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China, Pakistan drowning Taliban? It is difficult to identify now – a threat to India | china, pakistan support may trouble Taliban for its international recognition, pose threat to india?

Taliban government in Afghanistan

The Taliban have completed the formation of a new government in Afghanistan, replacing the people’s government. Even though the government is already running the day-to-day administration. However, with the formation of this government and their day-to-day administration, foreign support has become more important to them than their support in Afghanistan. The Taliban have formed a government with the support of neighboring Pakistan and China. At the same time, it is Pakistan that has decided who will be in government. With this, every decision taken by the government, which is now backed by Pakistan and China, is becoming crucial.

Desire for international recognition

Desire for international recognition

The Taliban, who came to power in Afghanistan in place of the People’s Government, want support for their government from as many countries as possible. Without international support on a number of key issues, including the reconstruction of Afghanistan, there is no way forward. This changed the international identity of the Taliban government. For this, they are seeking the support of their allies Pakistan and China. The two countries immediately stepped in to seek international support for the Taliban government in Afghanistan.

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  Behind China's mutual friendship with the Taliban?

Behind China’s mutual friendship with the Taliban?

China, which has long been friends with the Taliban, is now working hard for their international recognition. China is heroically trying to erase the image of the Taliban in the eyes of the world as soon as possible and give them recognition. However, it seems that the interests of both countries or communities are behind China’s efforts to gain international support for the Taliban in such a hurry. China is moving pieces, especially with the aim of thwarting the annoying Uighur Muslim groups living in their territory along the Afghan border. China controls them by branding them as terrorists in the eyes of the world. At the same time they are also infiltrating Afghanistan and harassing themselves. So it wants the support of the Taliban. In the same vein, the Taliban, who are expecting large-scale investment from China … are approaching China in the name of Afghan reconstruction.

Behind the Taliban's friendship with Pakistan?

Behind the Taliban’s friendship with Pakistan?

There are also key reasons behind the Taliban’s friendship with Pakistan. Pakistan’s political leaders, especially those with extremist groups on the Pakistani-Afghan border, have good relations. The Taliban do not have the wherewithal to get into disputes with them. If that happened then the government of Pakistan would be inundated with their support for the Taliban. That is why the Taliban are clamoring for friendship with Pakistan. At the same time, the Taliban have a history of taking help from them and recently capturing Panjshir. In the same vein, Pakistan strategically needs to indirectly take control of Afghanistan and its territory by making the Taliban better. It is inevitably shifting to Pakistan in order to thwart India.

Is China and Pakistan an obstacle to the Taliban?

Is China and Pakistan an obstacle to the Taliban?

Pakistan and China, which have been supporting the Taliban in dealing with terrorist groups, are now struggling to find the international recognition they want. Because there are many incidents in history where Pakistan supports terrorism. India has repeatedly brought these to the attention of the United Nations. At the same time, China, which has been at loggerheads with the Taliban over the repression of Uyghur Muslim groups in China, is arguing that it is ultimately doing more harm than good to the Taliban. This is because the efforts of China and Pakistan for different reasons for the recognition of the Taliban, which has close ties with terrorist organizations, are no longer supported internationally. It seems that both of them are indirectly harming the Taliban.

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  Threat to India with Chinese and Pakistani actions?

Threat to India with Chinese and Pakistani actions?

Currently China and Pakistan are supporting the Taliban government for different reasons. The Taliban are also aiding and abetting militant groups. At a time like this, they are finally becoming enemies of India. China and Pakistan, which are already on fire, are trying to distance India from India by indirectly and directly aiding the Taliban. At the same time, the Taliban are being bullied over controversial issues such as Kashmir in India. This increases the threat of the Taliban in our territory. That is why the Center is concerned about the Taliban threat in the case of Kashmir.


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