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Chandrababu Srikaram for district tour – From Ellundi to Rayalaseema – Flood visit | tdp chief chandrababu tour in flood affected rayalaseema districts from november 22

Andhra Pradesh

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Published: Saturday, November 20, 2021, 17:13 [IST]

After the YCP MLAs in the AP assembly yesterday, Chandrababu, who was crushed by the insults of the ministers, put on a press meet and cried. He later said he would return to the assembly as soon as he was in the public domain. As usual, he is embarking on a district tour from Ellundi.

TDP chief Chandrababu has decided to tour Rayalaseema districts from the 22nd of this month. Chandrababu is going to Rayalaseema districts to visit farmers affected by rains and floods. In this context, Chandrababu today conducted a review by teleconference with TDP leaders in flood-affected areas. Asked the leaders about the real situation there. Details were taken as to where the effect of the heavy rains was.

tdp chief chandrababu tour in flood affected rayalaseema districts from november 22

Leaders told Chandrababu that heavy rains had lashed four districts in Rayalaseema and several parts of Nellore district. With this, Chandrababu called on the TDP ranks to stand by the flood victims. Flood victims were advised to provide food and medicine. The TDP has stepped in to provide services to the flood-affected people ahead of the government. Chandrababu advised the TDP leaders to visit the flood-hit areas in coordination with the NTR Trust. He told the leaders that he would travel from Ellundi to Rayalaseema districts as well as flood affected areas.

In the wake of the AP Assembly boycott, there was universal interest in Chandrababu’s footsteps. It is learned that Chandrababu is preparing strategies to go public soon. In this context, Chandrababu’s earlier tour of the strong Rayalaseema districts of the YCP has taken precedence. Chandrababu’s Seema tour has become crucial in the wake of the TDP’s defeat in Kuppam recently.

English summary

after assembly boycott tdp chief plans rayalaseema districts tour on november 22. he will viist flood affected areas.

Story first published: Saturday, November 20, 2021, 17:13 [IST]


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