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Can BJP get deposit in Badwell battle?

Okay until the candidate stands to compete ..! But .. how to vote? This is the biggest challenge facing the BJP in Badwell ..! Leaders are sitting on the bricks and calculating the deposit. How about something .. let’s see in this story.

BJP got 735 votes in 2019 ..!
Will there be enough votes for the deposit?

The BJP had a rare opportunity to play an opposition role in the Badvelu by-election. The TDP and Janasena withdrew from the ring after allocating the ticket to the family of the deceased sitting member. With this, the BJP is in competition with the ruling party. Under these circumstances there is an interesting debate going on over the BJP contest in Badvelu. The BJP candidate got 735 votes in the last election. The deposit did not arrive. Is it possible to get a deposit now .. or ..? BJP leaders in Kadapa district are discussing the situation. There are about 2 lakh 14 thousand voters in Badvelu. In 2019, 50 lakh people voted. Now it is still possible to grow. The BJP will have to get one-sixth of the polled votes to get the deposit. According to that calculation, BJP candidate Suresh needs at least 25,000 votes. The kashaya ranges are analyzing whether that is going to happen.

1,321 votes for BSP which was supported by Janasena at that time ..!

Although Janasena did not contest .. the ally declared support for the BJP candidate. The votes of the Balija community in the Badvelu constituency are substantial. With the support of the Janasena, the Balija community is counting on a steady stream of votes. However it is a question that is not as easy as it sounds. Janasena, which had allied with the Left and the BSP in the last elections, has allotted the Badwell seat to the BSP. Then the BSP candidate got only 1321 votes. Will Janasena, which does not contest in these circumstances, get huge votes if it supports the BJP? Is a suspicion.

BJP leaders trying to combat Badwell TDP cadre ..!

With the TDP out of the fray, the BJP expects all anti-YCP voters to cast their ballots. Former minister Adinarayana Reddy has said that TDP voters are counting on the BJP in the direction of Akka Mogude Dikku if there is no Mogudu. The Gopavaram Mandal MP in Badvelu has been taken over by the TDP. It was felt that the competition would have been a bit tighter if TDP had been in the ring in this order. Now the voters of that constituency .. TDP sympathizers will vote for BJP is Kamal Nath’s calculation. BJP Kadapa district chiefs are busy talking to local TDP leaders. Former ministers like Adinarayana Reddy and MP CM Ramesh are also trying to wipe out the party cadre as they have good relations with Kadapa district TDP leaders and Badvelu constituency and constituency level leaders.

The biggest wonder if the BJP gets a deposit?

The BJP’s calculations on paper are huge .. The question is how far they will workout at the field level. Even if TDP is not in the contest .. even if Janasena supports it .. will the deposit come .. Radha’s doubt remains the same. That is why there is a debate in political circles that the BJP will be the biggest wonder if it gets a deposit. And .. we have to see how the lotus horoscope is in Badvelu.


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