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Bride escape: Kapuram with husband for 18 days, wife jumps with boyfriend that taste is not good, packed and checked! | Bride escape: 20-Years Bride Runs Away With Lover In Just 18 Days After Marriage At Madhya Pradesh.

Grand married family

Rahul, 25, of Jalaul in Bhattarpur district of Madhya Pradesh was married to Murthy Raikwar, 20, of Bhiravari on December 6. Rahul, Raikwar family members, relatives, friends and people from both the villages attended the wedding and blessed the newlyweds and left with a hearty dinner.

  Enjoy 18 days

Enjoy 18 days

After the wedding, the bride’s son Rahul stayed at the bride ‘s Raikwar house for two days. Her family later sent Raikwar home to Rahul. The newlyweds spent 18 days happily with their son Rahul. Rahul and Raikar enjoyed for 18 days.

  Whatever Mogudi Taste Match, Super Sketch!

Whatever Mogudi Taste Match, Super Sketch!

Raikwar, who spent 18 days happily with her husband Rahul, said she would go back to Puttinti. Rahul, who is newly married and has come to his home and is looking forward to seeing his parents, said OK. After spending more than two weeks with her husband Rahul, Raikwar decided not to marry her to suit her taste and went straight from her mother-in-law to Puttinti.

  Checked bride with boyfriend

Checked bride with boyfriend

Raikwar, who was in Puttinti for a few days, later left, telling his parents that he was going to his mother-in-law. However, Raikwar did not go to her husband Rahul’s house and fled with her boyfriend Rajesh, who lives in Bhirwari village. Two days after leaving Puttinti, Rahul turned to the police after his wife Raikwar did not return home.

  Escape with Priyudi for the second time

Escape with Priyudi for the second time

At the time of the bride’s departure from Puttinti, she had Rs. Her parents informed the Alipore police that she had gold jewelery worth over Rs 5 lakh and Rs 20,000 in hand. The police investigation revealed that Raikwar had fled with her boyfriend Rajesh on December 24 and was later caught and taken home.

  Rs.  Jump district with 5 lakh jewelery

Rs. Jump district with 5 lakh jewelery

According to Raikwar Pakkaplan, who sketched a plan to flee with his beloved boyfriend Rajesh, Rs. 5 lakh for jewelery and Rs. Her relatives were shocked to learn that she had lifted 20 fingers and checked. Police were also surprised to learn of the Raikwar pakkaplan, which had been with her husband for 18 days. Police are scrambling for a checkered rickshaw with Priyudi.


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