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BJP’s eye on TDP ex-ministers- Kala Venkatrao tomorrow, Somu meets with stampedes | tdp and congress former ministers kala, padala and mudragada to join bjp soon?

The BJP has a huge strategy to strengthen itself in the AP

The BJP has launched a strategy to cash in on the circumstances that have changed favorably after the recent demolition of idols in the AP. Part of this is preparing to attract key leaders from other parties into the party after Sankranthi. To this end, party chief Somu Weeraju has already prepared a strategy. According to this, he is first targeting the leaders of the social class. They are going to go to their homes tomorrow and invite me to join the party too.

  TDP keeps an eye on former ministers

TDP keeps an eye on former ministers

BJP chief Somu Veerraju is gearing up to attract former TDP ministers Kala Venkatrao, Mudragada Padmanabhan and Padala Aruna. Among them, Kala Venkatrao was also the AP TDP chief till yesterday. After the defeat in the last election, the TDP replaced him with Achennaidu. He seems to be dissatisfied with this. Padala Aruna has been politically silent for some time. Kapu leader Mudragada Padmanabhan also withdrew from the kapu movement out of resentment over allegations that he was supporting the YCP. Now Somu Veerraju is trying to bring both of them into the BJP.

Because the focus is on farmer leaders?

Because the focus is on farmer leaders?

In AP, Kamma and Reddy social groups are in support of TDP and YCP. Etochee farmers are the only ones who support one of the two in every election under unresolved circumstances. Although Lakshminarayana belonged to the Kapu community as the BJP state president during the last elections, they were not ready to believe him and support the BJP. Similarly, the farmers were not ready to support Janasena Pawan Kalyan. Both of them were disappointed with this. Now the party hopes to strengthen the BJP if it can attract farmers on a massive scale.

BJP strategies with Pawan support

BJP strategies with Pawan support

Although Lakshminarayana was the BJP president in the state earlier than the Kapu community, the Kapus did not trust him. Also, the Janasena under Pawan Kalyan did not believe it. With this, they voted unilaterally towards the YCP. But now the BJP and Janasena are allies. In addition, efforts are being made to ensure that justice is done to the farmers if they are supported. With this, Pawan on the one hand and Somu Veerraju on the other are working to attract farmers. It is not known how far the experiment will go, but it remains to be seen whether the farmers will support the BJP, believing in Somu Weeraraj rather than Pawan.


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