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Director Anil Ravipudi has made a name for himself in the film industry. In today’s crazy directors, Anil is playing his own tune. Anil seemed to have a hand in laughing and teasing. For those who want to have fun, the goal is to get hundreds of percent satisfaction. The spectator made a habit of sending marijuana to give the same happiness as the ticket he had bought. Anyone who has seen Anil’s movies knows that mate.

Anil Ravipudi was born on November 23, 1982. Chilukuri Varipalem is their hometown in Prakasam District Yaddanipudi Zone. Father Brahmayya was working as an RTC driver. Mother Ananthalakshmi is a housewife. O Akkan- This is the Anil family. Being the only son did not deter his aspirations. From an early age, he enjoyed watching movies and discussing topics. Music is a favorite of Srinivasa Rao, Bapu and Jandhyala films. K. Raghavendra Rao, B. Gopal and A. Kodanda Ramireddy’s films were also very popular in the masses. Dasari Narayana Rao will not be forgotten in crushing dialogues. Anil Ravipudi, a B.Tech. The first words were uttered with the strength of his pen. శంఖం, మిస్ట‌ర్ ప‌ర్ ఫెక్ట్, కందిరీగ‌, ద‌రువు, మ‌సాల‌, ఆగ‌డు Participated in the writing of such films. While writing words on the one hand, on the other hand he did not stop stepping towards the vision with his thoughts. Anil met Nandamuri Kalyan Ram, who was writing his own story and encouraging newcomers. The story told by him was given a chance as he liked it very much. As a result ప‌టాస్ Opened. Anil had success with his first film.

Leading producer Dil Raju liked Anil’s entertaining style. With Anil respectively సుప్రీమ్, రాజా ది గ్రేట్ The films were screened by Dil Raju. At that time, the heroes of the movie needed a lot of success. It was hit by Anil Ravipudi movies. With that, Anil’s name changed in Chitraseema. In the middle, Balakrishna tried to make a movie as a hero. After that Venkatesh and Varun Tej created Anil as the protagonists ఎఫ్-2 Also tickled Janani. After that, Anil got a chance to make a film with a top hero like Mahesh Babu. Created by Anil with Mahesh స‌రిలేరు నీకెవ్వ‌రు 2020 is buzzing with wallpapers. Anil even after becoming a director పండ‌గ చేస్కో, గాలి సంప‌త్ It is a privilege to assemble screenplays for such films. త⁇ న ఎఫ్-2Anil Ravipudi as a sequel to ఎఫ్-3 Created. The film is set to release on February 25. It is not yet known which film will be directed by Anil after that, but it is rumored that there will be a film with O Star Hero.

Anil says that he comes from a middle class family, knows the taste of the average audience well and will definitely incorporate it into his films as it is entertainment that many people want. Anil thinks that he has given a good future to others and has seen happiness in their eyes, which is the biggest award he has ever received. Next we have to see how Anil Ravipudi entertains with his films.


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