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Allu Business Strategy with Childhood!

Top stars are also slowly stepping into the over-the-top platform. Natasimham Nandamuri Balakrishna, who has a remarkable following in the masses, is privileged to step on the OTT platform. Even more fortunate is that the platform belongs to Chiranjeevi Mega Family, a childhood box office contender. Balayya’s ‘Unstoppable’ talk show will start at ‘Aha’ OTT with Chiranjeevi Bavamaridi Allu Arvind as partner. With that, how Balayya allotted time to ‘Aaha’ became a topic of discussion. Everyone is saying the same thing.

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Earlier, top stars like Chiranjeevi, Nagarjuna and Junior NTR appeared on TV as hosts, but they did not belong to OTT. Plus they are not even talk shows. In that sense, Nandamuri Balakrishna is the first top star to do a talk show on Telugu OTT. That is why it is heard that Balakrishna has agreed to manage the event. Besides, if you look at the business angle, if a mass hero like Balakrishna comes and performs ‘Unstopable’, the next kick will be a few words! So far, Balayya has not done any programs on television. With that, it is natural that there is a special craze among the people for the ‘Unstopable’ talk show that Balayya is doing for the first time! The Nataratna NTR family has been associated with the Allu Ramalingaiah family since time immemorial. So Allu Arvind was a childhood friend of Balayya. Others say that is why Balakrishna has agreed to the ‘Unstoppable’ show. Some say Allu Arvind’s business strategy works in this regard. Because Allu Arvind is said to be his equal in writing strategies.

But here’s another point. The current Telangana Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhara Rao lit a fire through the ‘Telugudesam’ party founded by NTR. He later served as a minister in the Telugu Desam Party. So Balayya has been close with KCR from the very beginning. ‘Aha’ OTT platform belongs to Myhome Rameshwara Rao, who is closest to KCR. In other words, Balayya may have agreed to do this program. In any case, it is hoped that Balayya’s entry into the OTT platform will create more craze for the platform in the future. If Balayya sees Arvind and accepts the program, or if it is accepted by Rameshwara Rao, then he understands the value of his friendship.


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