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Akkineni Amala is a rare personality! | NTV

(September 12 is Akkineni Amala’s birthday)

Ever since Akkineni set foot as their cousin, he has proved how powerful he can be as an executor. While her husband Nagarjuna continues to be a hero on the one hand, a producer on the other, a studio head on the other, as well as an entertainment media partner, host and entrepreneur, Amala gives him all the moral strength he needs. We are also trying to make our son Akhil a new generation protagonist. Amala set up the ‘Blue Cross Society’ for animal welfare, thereby proving how much she loves animals. This is how the current Amala once received the jazz as a beauty star. Nagarjuna in particular entertained her as a hit pair. Fans still remember that wine.

Born in Bengal, Amala joined Kalakshetra in Chennai and earned a BFA in Bharatanatyam. Have done. Has given many dance performances around the world. Leading actor and director T. Rajender, who saw her dance, hopes to cast Amala. Amala accepted her mother and introduced her to the screen through her film ‘Maithili Ennai Kadali’. The film went on to become a huge success. Opportunities to act in movies abound. Amala stole Janam Madini with the Telugu movie ‘Kiraidada’ starring Nagarjuna. He later acted in films like “Raktathilakam, Raja Vikramarka, Aggiramudu, Agraham”. Amala has acted with Nagarjuna in films like “Chinababu, Shiva, Decision, Love War”. Nagarjuna’s career was turned upside down by ‘Shiva’ starring in both Telugu and Hindi versions. Amala has acted in several films in Telugu, Tamil, Hindi, Kannada and Malayalam. Her Tamil films have been translated into Telugu and entertained.

Amala, who was a success for Nagarjuna on screen, later became a life heroine. Amala and Nagarjuna stand as a testament to the saying ‘Made for each other’. Their son Akhil was impressed by his performance as ‘Sisindri’ in his childhood. Everyone knows how much Amala took care of casting her son Akhil during the shooting of ‘Sisindri’. Amala is still known to be ready to play the roles she has reached. Meanwhile, he acted in ‘Life is Beautiful’. She later appeared in ‘Manam’ starring all the Akkineni family heroes. Amala has also acted in a few serials on television. Amala is also playing a pivotal role in the Telugu and Tamil film in which Sharwanand is currently playing the hero. Let’s hope Amala celebrates more birthdays happily.


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