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Achcham jersey movies .. Do you know the cricketer who died while playing ..?

Many of you will be watching the movie Jersey starring Nani as the hero. In it, the hero Nani loses his life while playing cricket. Bhimili also dies playing kabaddi in a kabaddi team movie. However it is a movie. But did you know that even in real life some players lost their lives like that ..? Similar deaths have occurred in cricket as a whole. Twelve cricketers have died on the field since the beginning of cricket. All of them survived the crash on the field due to injuries and other reasons. Let us now learn about such people.

George Summers:

The first death on the cricket field occurred in 1870. George Summers, a player from England, has died at the age of 25. That too George died at the famous Lord’s ground in England. The incident happened during a first-class match for Nottinghamshire. While George was batting, a short pitch ball thrown by England pacer John Platts hit his head directly. With that he rolled severely. He was immediately taken off the field but died due to untimely treatment. The death of George shocked the entire cricketing world. Cricket owners have begun to make some changes to existing safety practices.

Andy Ducat:

Two deaths in cricket also occurred at Lord’s ground. This time too the England player was strong. Andy, 56, died in 1942 at Lord’s. He collapsed on the spot and survived a sudden heart attack. However, Andy announced his retirement from cricket in 1931. After that he worked as a cricket coach for five years. He also worked as a sports reporter for a few years. However, Ducati entered the ring for Surrey during a match between Sussex and Surrey during World War II in 1942. However, he died shortly after arriving on the field after lunch. With his death, the match was also canceled and all tributes were paid to him.

Wilf Slack:

Wilf Slack, a West Indies cricketer, crashed on the field in 1989. Slack collapsed during a domestic match in Banjul, Gambia. The staff immediately tried to take him to the hospital but he was already dead. The cause of his death is still unknown. Of all those who died on the field, Wilf’s death is still the only one that remains a mystery. He was then 30 years old.

Ian Foley:

In 1993, Ian Foley entered the ring for Derbyshire. Foley was batting in this match against Workington when a short pitch ball thrown by the bowler hit him directly under the eye. This caused a severe roll. He was rushed to a hospital where he died of a heart attack. He was then 30 years old.

Raman Lamba:

Raman Lamba, an Indian cricketer, died on the field in 1998. Lamba was hit in the head while fielding during a Bangladesh-Dhaka club. With that he collapsed right there. The staff rushed him to the hospital. He was in a coma for three days. Survived after that. This made Lamba the first cricketer to die on the field for India. He was then 38 years old.

Wasim Raja:

Another Pakistani cricketer died in 2006 while playing cricket. Wasim Raza, a cricketer, died at the age of 54. He died of a heart attack on the field during a match in Buckinghamshire.

Alc‌z Jenkins:

The first cricket umpire died in 2009. England umpire Alk Vin Jenkins was seriously injured on the field and later died. Jenkins was seriously injured when the ball thrown by a fielder hit his head. He was rushed to a hospital but could not recover. He eventually lost his life due to that injury. He was then 72 years old.

Richard Beaumont:

In 2012, Richard of England also died of a heart attack on the field. Richard Beaumont, a 33-year-old club cricketer, struck out five. But shortly after that he collapsed while fielding on the field. Richard was already dead when staff immediately tried to take him to the hospital. However, it is suspected that he died of a heart attack.

Zulfikar Bhatti:

Zulfikar Bhatti of Pakistan also died when the ball hit his chest like Achcham Abdul Aziz. Bhatti also lost his life at a young age. Zulfikar Bhatti, 22, died while batting in a match in 2013. He collapsed when the ball hit him hard on the chest .. He was rushed to hospital but died.

Darin Randall:

Darren Randall, a 32-year-old South African cricketer, became the first South African to die on the field in 2013. Randall tried to play a pull shot with a short pitch ball thrown by the bowler. However, as the shot was missed, the ball hit Neruta in the head. He was rushed to hospital with injuries. However, he died of his injuries.

Phil Hughes:

Phil Hughes, 25, of Australia, also died in 2014 when the ball hit his neck. Phil, 25, of New South Wales, has been ruled out of the Sheffield Shield with a serious injury. The pile collapsed on the spot as the ball thrown by the bowler hit him hard on the neck. He was rushed to a Sydney hospital where he was diagnosed with a fractured brain. Doctors also operated on him due to heavy bleeding. Phil could not recover, however. Survived two days later.

A batsman also died during a local match in Maharashtra a few months ago. The collapse died on the spot as if there were bats at the non-striker end. Recently in Uttar Pradesh too, the ball hit by the batsman came very fast and hit the bowler directly on the head and he collapsed on the spot. They immediately tried to take him for medical help but he was already dead.


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