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Aarathu Sinam Review

After impressing the audience with Eeram and Vallinam, director Arivazhagan is back with a bang to present us a good entertainer and stunning thriller in which plot twists abound, and the ambiance is laced with intrigue. Aarathu Sinam an official remake of the Malayalam movie Memories (original written and directed by Jeethu Joseph) is a reasonably well crafted thriller that is engrossing for most of the part backed by a brilliant performance from Arulnidhi.

The story is all about a seriously alcoholic cop, who can’t get over the disturbing visuals of the killing of his wife and daughter, is the main focus of director Arivazhagan’s Aarathu Sinam. Arulnidhi is a police officer who has chosen alcohol as a way of life, ever since he lost his wife and his only daughter in an aftermath of a terrorist operation. Years later, when the drunken ex-cop is given a murder case and when he investigates he finds a pattern in all those murders. Ultimately it leads to a serial killer. How the killer is brought down to justice and what was his motive behind those murders forms the rest of the story.

The film is has at least a couple of stunning moments and is one of those films that will have you gripping your seats in anticipation. Especially interesting is the way the intermission comes up and gradually ascends to build the tension for the second half. Good to see filmmaker Arivazhagan step out of his comfort zone & attempt something different.

The slow paced narration in the beginning gets a momentum after a while and takes the viewer along to a thrilling phase. There are a couple of logical loopholes that may have been come up to fit in to conventional formulae but Arivazhagan needs a pat on his back for presenting the investigation in a convincing manner, all credits should go to Jeethu Joseph.

Arulnidhi once again proved why he is so choosy about films. On the lines of Mounaguru and Demonte Colony, Ararthu Sinam shall be another landmark film for him if his performance is to be taken for consideration. It is to be appreciated that the actor in him has decided to go for meaningful roles of late, rather than being stereotyped.

Technically the film is sound and the Arivazhagan – Thaman magic is still intact. For a change, Thaman’s music doesn’t make you cringe in your seats. His background score syncs well with the second half, while Aravinnd Singh’s celluloid captures the best shots of the mystery scenes. Rajesh Kannan has ratcheted up the pace of the film in the second half with his seamless editing and most importantly keeping the run-time at less than two hours fiveteen minutes; ideal for the story.

The tension that’s accentuated through some of these moments is testimonial to the fact that the film has succeeded in entertaining the audience. But what’s worrisome is whether the film will be embraced by all, irrespective of the fact that it has a inclination towards violence and it’s quite natural to assume it’s made for people who love thrillers. The forced humour works against the film. The supporting cast hardly make a mark as their characterizations are weakly written. Despite the initial hush, the script could have been more tighter to make it a taut thriller.

To sum it up, Aarathu Sinam isn’t the greatest thriller to have hit the screens in recent times. But if you are a mystery thriller aficionado, it could strike you as a ‘good enough’ film that is without doubt, a pleasant one to enjoy it in theatres.

Rating – 3/5

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