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Aamir Khan who actually drank and acted .. did not hear the director say no .. 450 crores with that blow! | Aamir khan real drink movie scene behind the truth

With the same idea for 30 years

Aamir Khan’s career continued to be very different. Chances are he’s not a big antidote. But doing any movie means that the character will come to life no matter what. Although he did not want to be an actor, he accidentally stepped into the industry. For the past 30 years every film has been working as if it were the first film to do justice to what it does while growing in popularity.

Be smart about that

Be smart about that

Aamir Khan has earned a unique recognition not only as a hero but also as a writer and director. Efforts are also made to have as good a message as possible in the film. Aamir Khan is also very smart in giving advice to the director. There have also been instances where scenes have been turned into cool without hurting anyone.

If the director says no ..

If the director says no ..

However, on one occasion, Aamir Khan drank and acted in a scene. Although the director says that the other actors are not there, the scene is very crucial in the film .. Instead of pretending to be drunk, he decided to really act drunk. If cut, the film has grossed over Rs 450 crore since its release. That scene also played a key role in the film’s success.

Add two pegs.

Add two pegs.

That movie is nothing else. Three Idiots directed by Rajkumar Hirani. Needless to say, the film was a hit at the box office. In the movie, Aamir Khan pretends that Sean will get better if he really drinks in the drinking scene with his two friends.

Prabhas Got Prestigious Bollywood Offer

As the number one movie

As the number one movie

The best education is to do what we like in life .. If we study what we like without fear, the brain will rise .. The dialogues that Aamir says will change the emotion at once in the film. It connects well to everyone. The film grossed over Rs 450 crore at the box office and was number one at the time.


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