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The KABALI Craziness ·
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The KABALI Craziness


So this is the day finally arrived. My hands are almost cold and shaking. But wait, now let me think from where am I supposed to begin all this from. There is just approximately another few hours left for the movie to hit the worldwide screens. And everything has started to get even more crazier past these few days. The Kabali fever has caught everyone as possible and none could pass a day without hearing or uttering words such as Thalaiva, Superstar, Kabali, Neruppu Da, Pa, Ranjith, Santhosh Narayanan and many more words.  Am I right? There have been many Superstar movies before this with high expectations and craziness among the fans. But for Kabali, this is just too special. Or even can say this is more than a special thing itself.

For the first time after a very long time, Thalaivar has rekindled his magic with the image of a man who is like a fire. Well, there is even a song in that movie titled Neruppu Da. And it has really become a rage amongst the fans. Neruppu da perfectly defines that the Kabali fire catches over wherever it touches.

While the movie has been dubbed in Kannada, Telugu, Malayalam, Hindi, Chinese and Malay, are there any other languages that I have left out? With this, all the other films that belong to their respective languages which are supposed to be release on this very same day, have been postponed to later. Make a way for Kabali I say! When it comes to our Superstar, as a mark of respect, love and acknowledgement for Rajnikanth’s box-office, the hype is deafening in Chennai.

Apart from the cut-outs paal abhishekam and archanai in temple et all, remodeling vehicles is definitely a tribute to the Superstar himself. There isn’t anyone quite like our Thalaivar. A Super hero for the childrens, flamboyant icon across the sea and oh yeah, definitely a demi-god to half of the nation.

The love for him is just not stopped with it. There are few companies in Chennai like Fyndus and GoBumpr have declared an official holiday on 22 July. (Men!! It’s a holiday for them tomorrow, while I will be at work.) But do you think the holiday itself made hype between all this. No.. No.. No.. The employers have bought them the tickets to watch the movie at theatres on first day itself. (Kuduthuvetcha punyavans and punyavathis, whoever working in this those company.) Later one of my friend sent me a memes on whatsapp stated that “Salman Khan’s film released on Eid because it’s holiday, but whenever a Rajnikanth film hits the screen the day is declared as a holiday. (Itharkku per than Thalaivar athiradii.)

With rumours floating over here and there, some says even before it makes the release, Kabali has ranked in some $30 million in film right sales itself. Those pre-release promos and posters have given us a lot to cheer up for. Excitement is mounting not only in South India but other countries as USA, London, Canada, France, Malaysia, Singapore and UAE.

Now I know I am supposed to end up my writing but how? It has to be in a special way and unfortunately nothing strikes my mind at the moment. However, it’s the time for the film to unleashes the charisma of Superstar Rajnikanth. Let’s make a way for our Thalaivar. Magizhchi!

– Rubini Shetty

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