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Sivalinga Movie review ·
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Sivalinga Movie review

sivalingaSivalinga Movie review

There seems to be a never-ending supply of horror movies these days. Ranging from big shots like Nayanthara to new faces, all these movies carry the same old formula of ‘revenge’. Under the same equation comes Sivalinga, from two men who are much known for their movies in the Horror-Comedy department, P.Vasu and Raghava Lawrence. Sivalinga also falls under this banner of horror-comedy, and also suffers from the one thing that movies are plagued with these days, Cliché. It seems like Vasu and Raghava Lawrence haven’t come out of that shell yet. The movie is full of moments which we have already known and seen in Tamil cinema, in fact, from movies of Raghava himself.

Sivalinga is a CB-CID tasked with finding out the mystery behind the suicide of Rahim played by Sakthivel Vasu. The scenes involving Rahim’s pigeon were a bit unusual but amusing. Rithika Singh plays Sathya, Shivalinga’s wife. Rithika Singh once again proves that she can do various kinds of roles, even a kuthu dance. But her role could’ve been even more stronger. As for Raghava Lawrence’s acting, his little mannerisms of being a scaredy cat irk us and feels unnatural. It felt like he is haunted by shadows of his past movie roles from the same genre.

The surprising and hilarious addition to the movie is Vadivelu as Pattukunjam, a thief. After multiple comeback movies, this movie is the one that actually feels like his comeback movie. His mere presence itself tickles ribs. Though this is not vadivelu’s ‘Puyal’ performance, he was much needed in the movie and saves many-a-moments from becoming drab cliché. I personally wish this kind of vadivelu is seen more.

Music isn’t much noteworthy but manages to go with the flow of the movie. All the other elements have seemed to worked out in favour of the movie other than a few misses.

In whole, Shivalinga manages to entertain you the time you stay in the theaters.

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