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An Interview with the Director Balaji Mohan ·
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An Interview with the Director Balaji Mohan


1. How did cinema happen to you? You were doing engineering.

I’ve always been involved in all kinds of extra curricular activities in school…dance, drama, music bits and pieces of everything. When i was in my 11 Std i realised that cinema was my calling. I had decided first to finish my engineering that then pursue it, but i couldn’t take being in the wrong place for too long. So i quit engineering with no contacts in the film industry and no plans of what i’m going to do, just with the intention of somehow making it into cinema. And i have. With my effort and my parents’ support.

2. What pushed you to make short films, who is your inspiration?

Loads of people who’ve inspired me. Short film though just happened. I started off using short films as a training ground for me but then later it ended up as my breakthrough into feature films.

3. KSY was romance, VMP was experimental and now what is Maari all about?

Maari will be a wholesome entertainer for all kinds of audience, Will be extremely different from my previous 2 films.

4. How was it to work with Dhanush ?

Was an amazing experience. Was great to watch him closely and realize what qualities has made him reach where he is now. He made me feel extremely comfortable and treated me warmly. I have always been a fan of him since Kadhal Kondaen. Now after knowing him closely i have become an even bigger fan and my respect for him has grown higher.

5. Tell us about the Anirudh’s music? You have been tagging it with Thara Local for long time.

As you know the songs are out and have been received very well. The songs suit the need of the film and I’m very excited about the music. Anirudh and me hit it off well with our tastes matching. We have very similar tastes.

6. Which genre do you like? And what are your dream film? If any, pls tell us.

I love all genres. But as i have always said, humour will always be a part of my film no matter what kind of film i do. I would love to do a super hero film someday.

7. Any plans to act again in future? You look have those regular hero looks and you appeard as a news reporter in VMP.

I love acting and performing. I have fun and enjoy being in front of the camera. I would gladly act if any opportunity comes up. But who will give me acting chance? 😛

8. Is it an advantage for an editor to become a director?

Very much. I never shoot too much unnecessarily. Thats a major reason how i’m able to finish shooting my films quickly.

9. How do you take the criticisms? Do you always feel you could have done better?

I look at criticisms with an open mind. I always look to improve, but i enjoy everything i do in the moment. If one cannot enjoy what one is doing and worried that could have done better all the time, life will be miserable. I enjoy my finished product thoroughly, despite noting the things i need to improve on. Its an organic process.

10. Who are your favorite directors?

Big big list. Any number of names i mention will be injustice to the ones i miss out.

11. Any plans to do a horror film?

I’d love to do all genres at some point of time.

12. Which top heros would you like to work with?

Everyone :)

13. Tell us about Kajal, Dhanush and Kajal missed working earlier.

Kajal fitting the role perfectly. She always brought a lot of energy onto the set. It was fun working with her.

14. What to expect from Maari? Will it satisfy all the audiences?

I shall let you be the judge of that once the film releases :) We’ve put in a sincere effort to entertain. Hopeful that it works.

15. What is your next film?

Not yet decided :)

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