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"My Character in Kidaari will be more cheerful" | Nikhila Vimal's Interview ·
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“My Character in Kidaari will be more cheerful” | Nikhila Vimal’s Interview

Nikila Interview

How did Kidaari happen to you?

I was doing Vetrivel and I knew Kidaari was about to start.
They team were hunting for heroine and new production team but they didnt get, and through Sasikumar sir and Dir.Prasath I came on board for this flick.
2 films with Sasikumar back to back – Vetrivel and Kidaari, how comfortable were you working with the team?
Obviously the comfort level was high. In Vetrivel there were three heroines, and I had less combination with Sasikumar but in Kidaari, there are many dialogue portions with Sasikumar and hence it was more easy to work with him.


You mean to say that your character in Kidaari has more weightage compared to Vetrivel?
Not exactly, in Vetrivel I was a silent character, there were less dialogues for me to speak but in Kidaari, I play the love interest of Sasikumar. My character is more cheerful and with few comical elements to it.
We heard your roles in Vetrivel and Kidaari are quite contarst. So tell us about you character in Kidaari?
In Vetrivel I played a calm girl and now in Kidaari I play an energetic girl and she is very talkative .You can easily relate to my character and it will be like a typical rural woman.
You have Onbathu Kuzhi Sampath and Panjumuttai lined up for next. You have been mostly doing rural and homely character based films only so far, do you have plans to go to the village side?
I have been to the village side when I was in the 5th standard. When I was doing 12th, I got opportunities to do homely characters. In Pajumuttai, it is a comedy character. And all of them are different. Only after a break I was able to do such a film.What I usually is how far the character is impactful and it can be related by the audience.
So you are being happy with soft homely characters or are you ready to do glamorous roles too?
No not like that, I am doing the roles like the way I am in real life. I am happy to do any kind of roles given to me provided I am satisfied.
Tell us about the unreleased films Onbathu Kuzhi Sampath and Panjumuttai? Why is it delayed?
We have finished the shoot many months ago.Everything is ready. I hope that Both will release soon.
Every heroine has a dream hero and dream director they want to work with, your dream to work with?
I dont know about the hero but I have a lot of directors with whom I wish to work soon. Balaji,Karthik Subburaj, Raju Murugan and many are in the list. I like their different female characters and I hope to work with them soon.
How has Kidaari come out, how different from Vetrivel?
I haven’t seen the whole film. I have just seen the rushes in dubbing. Kidaari will not be a hero and heroine based film. The difference between rural films Vetrivel and Kidaari will be that Vetrivel was an out and out family entertainer while Kidaari is about how characters connect to each other through an issue. The film is set in the 90s and its treated like a period film. The bikes, the backdrop will give you the old atmosphere. You can take the way if it happens in 2000s or 1990s. The story will be very different from Vterivel. The only similarity with Vetrivel and Kidaari will be myself and Sasikumar. (laughs) There is of course entertainment, a lot of action and drama in this film. Only if you see the film, you will know it. Even I am yet to see the film.
Many of the Malayalam actress have that Mallu slang while speaking in Tamil, how come you are so fluent in Tamil?
I knew tamil, I slowly picked up it from Panjumuttai, I started to speak slowly and steadily.
What are your upcoming films?
I am not yet signed any films. I am waiting for the response for Kidaari.

We Heytamilcinema team wish you all the success Nikhila :)




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