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I love Kollywood


I don’t care how much I’m mocked and made fun of, I love Kollywood. It’s been there for me as a best friend should. It’s been a support, it’s inspired, it’s made me laugh, cry and many days even question my sanity and love for it; however, it has been there for me like a rock. And when people tell ...

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Actor Srikanth’s horror experience in Scotland


பேயைத்தேடி ஒரு பயணம்!  நடிகர் ஸ்ரீகாந்தின்  நிஜமான பயங்கர அனுபவம்! அண்மையில் வெளியா ​கி இருக்கிற ‘சவுகார்பேட்டை’ படம் பற்றி எதிர்பார்ப்புடனும் நம்பிக்கையுடனும் இருக்கிறார் நடிகர் ஸ்ரீகாந்த். அதில் நடித்ததை ஒரு புதிய அனுபவமாக உணர்கிற அவர்,  நடிப்பு, சுடுகாடு, பேய், திகில், பயம் பற்றி இங்கே மனம் திறக்கிறார். அழகு ​ பெண் களுடன் ரொமான்டிக் ஹீரோவாக டூயட் பாடி வந்த நீங்கள், பேய்களுடன் பேய்ப்படத்தில் நடிக்கத் துணிந்தது ஏன்? ஒரு வித்தியாசம் வேண்டும்  என்றுதான் இந்தப் படத்தில் நடித்தேன். இது ஒரு ...

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Pichaikkaran response and box office : Report


After doing two thrillers and a comedy entertainer, Vijay Antony is back with Pichaikkaran, an emotional drama with commercial elements that released on friday, 4th March 2016.  The movie has met with very positive reviews from critics and audience alike. The film is being raved for Vijay Antony’s performance as well the high on sentiment and human values. The film is ...

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Is Tamil Cinema really famous?


  Tamil cinema has been undergoing a renaissance of sorts in the last decade. Our films are characterized by their own uniqueness and an unparalleled sense of humour and an ability to stay rooted even while taking inspirations from other film industries and international cinemas.   In this recent era, Tamil cinema stands out among the others because we give ...

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The needs of new genres in Tamil Cinema

images (2)

  I’m kinda amazed with the fact that every Friday we have a bunch of new movies to release and even many films are awaiting for release. But do we find anything different in those movies? It’s being the same for many years, at least since when I started to watch movies. The good vs bad, three classy songs, and ...

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Tamil Cinema 2015

2015 to 2016 is just a number difference since nothing is going to change in ourselves. But the thing we have to do is to evaluate ourselves and try to change ourselves if some observations noticed. It is a universal theory which also works for Tamil Cinema Industry. So we are on the mood to evaluate the Tamil Cinema Industry ...

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What does Pandavar Ani victory really mean to Nadigar sangam..


It was an extraordinary Sunday for the Nadigar Sangam. Indeed, following the election updates was like watching a long-awaited action packed movie, with its fair share of emotions, fights, thrilling suspense and punch lines topped with Goundamani’s comedy and Vishal team’s heroic victory in the climax. After a heavy round-the-clock campaign, hard work finally paid off for Pandavar Ani team. Greatly exceeding expectations, the ...

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An Interview with the Director Balaji Mohan


1. How did cinema happen to you? You were doing engineering. I’ve always been involved in all kinds of extra curricular activities in school…dance, drama, music bits and pieces of everything. When i was in my 11 Std i realised that cinema was my calling. I had decided first to finish my engineering that then pursue it, but i couldn’t ...

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An Interview with the Music Director Imman


1.How has life changed from Tamizhan to RomeoJuliet, how do you see your life? Life is good, I don’t see any transformation i love working from my debut to till date movies. I give my full 100% hard-work for every movie i sign in, that hard work has let me to this position from my debut 2. Who is your ...

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