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3 Aspects That Work In Favour Of The ‘Hero’ Vijay Antony ·
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3 Aspects That Work In Favour Of The ‘Hero’ Vijay Antony

VIJAY ANTONY SPL3 Aspects That Work In Favour Of The ‘Hero’ Vijay Antony

It is a rarity in Tamil Cinema to come across a hero who delivers movies that satisfy both the audience and critics fairly, on a consistent basis. Going by the current day trend of Tamil Cinema, majority of the audience’s recommendations based on the above mentioned aspect would be in favour of Vijay Antony.

Here are 4 aspects we think that work in favour of the ‘Hero’ Vijay Antony:

A Rising Star Who Isn’t Over-ambitious:

Vijay Antony has been one among the actors in Tamil Cinema who doesn’t crave for awards by undergoing surprising makeovers and at the same time, he isn’t the one who is desperate to earn the trust of the family audience by delivering simple and populist films. His movies aren’t complicated either. The choice of his scripts not only suits him but also pleases the audience and critics fairly. In spite of wearing many hats such as an actor, music director and film producer, he hasn’t lost his sheen over the department of music.


Less Reliant On Brand Images:

 Truly, the practice of certain film makers on utilising the popular dialogues and songs of top stars such as Rajini, Vijay, Ajith and Dhanush in their movies as an approach to draw the attention of the corresponding fans towards their products has plagued Tamil Cinema of late. Due to this practice, the makers of such ventures have been failing to render a unique movie experience for the audience. At the same time, few heroes have been less reliant on this aspect. Among them is Vijay Antony who spearheads such a pack.


Personal Branding Taking A Back Seat:

Yet another factor, that fails to deliver the audience a unique movie experience nowadays in most cases, is the personal branding of the film’s lead star in the movie. In the worst case, misplaced or too much of personal branding disturbs the rhythm of the audience’s attention towards the flow of the movie. In the case of Vijay Antony, it is really a welcome sign to see him underplaying the aspect of personal branding. This approach extends beyond his on-screen boundary too. Thereby, as a producer, he deftly thwarts the pumped up pre-release buzz and carefully etches out catchy and exciting promos.

So, all said and done, with already 4 convincing products (including Saithan) in his bucket and having created a trustworthy brand name for himself as an actor, it would be interesting to watch the manner in which Vijay Antony is going to strategize his upcoming ventures. Our request to Vijay Antony is to mull on the 3 factors that have been briefed above and have a consideration on the same in order to proffer impressive flicks to the audience in the same fashion as he has been doing so far.

Written by Dhileepan @kudmoviebuff

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